Who We Are

Savel Capital Partners is a premier independent investment banking broker dealer, which is designed to meet the needs of both established and emerging markets worldwide. With current market intelligence and trusted relationships, we strive to help all of our clients create respected and enduring partnerships.

Savel Capital Partners

We founded Savel Capital Partners in 2008, on the premise that clients would be best served by an investment banking firm free of the conflicts of interest inherent to large, multi-product financial institutions. Today, we serve a prominent and diverse set of clients and investors, including leading multinational corporations, large institutional investors and financial sponsors, and high net worth individuals.

Global Expansion

Our global expansion continues in order to ensure the worldview and international knowledge base that is now critical to all investors. Today, our offices and affiliate offices in North America, Europe, South America and Asia are complemented by strategic alliances with leading firms in United Kingdom, Europe, USA and Brazil. We always strive to enhance our capabilities and expand our global reach thereby providing the highest calibre of various services to our clients.